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Lady Bankes Primary School

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Staffing 2023-24

We employ talented and dedicated teachers and teaching assistants who bring a wealth of enthusiasm and skills to Lady Bankes Primary School. All our staff continuously review their practice and enhance their skills. 

The school also has an experienced team of office staff who ensure the smooth running of the school, welfare of pupils and effective communication with parents and the wider community. 



Staffing for Academic Year 2023-24


Headteacher : Mrs K. Needs

Senior Assistant Headteacher : Ms C. Taylor*

Assistant Headteacher (EYFS): Mrs S. McCarthy

Assistant Headteacher (KS1): Mrs Y. Donaghey

Assistant Headteacher (LSK2): Mr B. Hagreen

Assistant Headteacher (UKS2): Miss L. McFadden

Assistant Headteacher for Vulnerable Pupils: Miss K. Cronin*


School Business ManagerMrs T. Nunn


SENDCo: Mrs S. Barcessat


Site Manager: Mr C. Collins

Site Caretaker: Mrs T. Jenkins

Assistant Caretaker: Mr R. Richards



Nursery teacher- Mrs P. Cowley



RDP- Miss D. Pearce (Acting Year Group Leader)

RLH- Miss L. Hawkins

ROR- Miss M. O'Sullivan (Mondays and Tuesdays) and Mrs A. Roy (Wednesday- Friday)


Year 1

1DA- Mrs D. Abbott (Year Group Leader)

1CL- Mrs. C. Lock

1AM- Mr A. Milner


Year 2 

2HF- Miss H. Fraser (Year Group Leader)

2US- Mrs U. Sathyarooban

2ED- Miss E. Day


Year 3    

3KS- Miss K. Seabrook (Year Group Leader)

3KB- Miss K. Barr 

3CS- Miss C. Stone


Year 4               

4BH- Mr B. Hagreen (Lower Key Stage Two Assistant Headteacher) 

4MB- Mr M. Bonnefoy

4JN- Mrs J. Neagle


Year 5 

5GM- Mr G. McInroy* (Year Group Leader)

5BR- Mr G. Baines (Monday- Wednesday) and Mrs A. Raffiq (Wednesday- Friday)

5CF- Miss C. Foreman        


Year 6                   

6LM- Miss L. McFadden (Upper Key Stage Two Assistant Headteacher)

6KC- Miss K. Cronin* (Assistant Headteacher for Vulnerable Pupils)

6BM- Miss B. Mackerness*


Mrs A. Dhir-Year 4 and 5 Maths teacher

Mr A. Schofield* (PSD Sports Coach)


Support Staff

Mrs S. Adams (Finance Officer)

Mrs S. Smith (Receptionist/ Attendance Officer) 

Mrs D. Moller (Admin Clerk)                                             

Mrs L. Sheehan* (Welfare Officer/Admin) 

Mrs G. Tricker (Receptionist)


Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Mrs D. Nelms*   

Mrs S. Cresswell*


EYFS Nursery Nurses/ Teaching Assistants 

Mrs E. Savva*

Mrs J. Thom*

Mrs L. Hatton*

Mrs R. McGlynn*

Miss R. Hone*

Mrs S. Welch*

Miss G. Hanson-Smith*

Ms P. Wright*


Key Stage One Teaching Assistants

Mrs R. Bates*

Mrs N. Widdows*

Mrs N. Naylor*

Mrs S. Palmer*

Mrs A. Bennison*

Mrs. G. Jones*

Mrs J. Harris-Powell*

Mrs E. Ryan*


Key Stage Two Teaching Assistants/ Cover supervisors

Mrs G. Bird*

Mrs S. Hussain*

Mrs L. May*

 Mrs G. Cronin*

Mrs J. Fox*

Mrs S. Harrison*


Key Stage Two Teaching Assistants                                                           

Mrs D Ellmore* 

Miss A. Wilson* 

Mrs S. Orme* 

Miss S. Brindle *

Miss C. Collinson*

Miss S. Barnes*

Mrs L. Parry*


School Meals Supervisory Assistants

Mrs D. McShane

Miss E. Reid

Miss E. Geary

Ms S. Bryan



* First Aid Trained ~ Our First Aiders are also trained in Paediatric First Aid