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Lady Bankes Primary School

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Staffing 2022-23



Staffing for Academic Year 2022 - 2023


 Headteacher : Mrs K. Needs

Senior Assistant Headteacher : Ms C. Taylor*

Assistant Headteacher (EYFS): Mrs S. McCarthy

Assistant Headteacher (KS1): Mrs Y. Donaghey

Assistant Headteacher (LSK2): Mr B. Hagreen

Assistant Headteacher (UKS2): Miss L. McFadden

Assistant Headteacher for Vulnerable Pupils: Miss K. Cronin*


School Business ManagerMrs T. Nunn


SENDCo: Mrs S. Barcessat


Site Manager: Mr C. Collins

Site Caretaker: Mrs T. Jenkins

Assistant Caretaker: Mr R. Richards



 Nursery teacher- Mrs P. Cowley


RSM- Mrs S. McCarthy(Early Years Foundation Stage Assistant Head) / Miss D. Pearce

RLH- Miss L. Hawkins

RCB- Mrs C. Bull (Mrs A. Roy- Friday)


Year 1

1DA- Mrs D. Abbott (Year Group Leader)

1US- Mrs. U. Sathyarooban

1AM- Mr A. Milner


Year 2 

2HF- Miss H. Fraser (Year Group Leader)

2KB- Ms K. Barr and Miss M. Gorakanage

2ED- Miss E. Day


Year 3    

3MB- Mr M. Bonnefoy (Year Group Leader)

3JN- Mrs J. Neagle 

3CL- Mrs C. Lock


Year 4               

4BH- Mr B. Hagreen (Lower Key Stage Two Assistant Headteacher) 

4BR- Mr G. Baines and Mrs A. Raffiq

4KS- Miss K. Seabrook


Year 5 

5GM- Mr G. McInroy* (Year Group Leader)

5CS- Miss C. Stone

5CF- Miss C. Foreman        


Year 6                   

6LM- Miss L. McFadden (Upper Key Stage Two Assistant Headteacher)

6CS- Miss K. Cronin* (Assistant Headteacher for Vulnerable Pupils) and Miss C. Stone

6BM- Miss B. Mackerness*


Mrs A. Roy- Reception and PPA teacher (3 days)

Mrs A. Dhir-Year 4 and 5 Maths teacher

Mr A. Schofield* (PSD Sports Coach)


Support Staff

Mrs S. Adams (Finance Officer)

Mrs S. Smith (Receptionist/ Attendance Officer) 

Mrs D. Moller (Admin Clerk)                                             

Mrs L. Sheehan* (Welfare Officer/Admin) 

Mrs G. Tricker (Receptionist)


Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Mrs D. Nelms*   

Mrs S. Cresswell*


EYFS Nursery Nurses/ Teaching Assistants 

Mrs E. Savva*

Mrs J. Thom*

Mrs J. Harris-Powell*

Mrs L. Hatton*

Mrs R. McGlynn*

Miss R. Hone*

Mrs E. Ryan*

Mrs S. Welch*

Mrs S. Fishman*

Ms E. Reid


Key Stage One Teaching Assistants

Mrs R. Bates*

Mrs N. Widdows*

Mrs N. Naylor*

Mrs S. Palmer*

Mrs A. Bennison*

Mrs. G. Jones*

Miss G. Hanson-Smith

Ms P. Wright


Key Stage Two Teaching Assistants/ Cover supervisors

Mrs G. Bird*

Mrs S. Hussain*

Mrs L. May*

 Mrs G. Cronin*

Mrs J. Fox*

Mrs S. Harrison*


Key Stage Two Teaching Assistants                                                              

Mrs D Ellmore* 

Miss A. Wilson* 

Mrs S. Orme* 

Miss S. Brindle *

Miss C. Collinson*

Miss S. Barnes*

Mrs L. Parry*


School Meals Supervisory Assistants

Mrs D. McShane

Mrs K. McLaughlin


Maternity Leave

Miss M. O'Sullivan 



* First Aid Trained ~ Our First Aiders are also trained in Paediatric

  First Aid