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Testimonials about Lady Bankes

Parents Evening October 2023

"Everyone was so helpful and its always a delight coming into Lady bankes.  Well done everyone - Thank you"

"Very well organised parent's evening for year 2. Good interaction with teachers on child's performance, thanks to all teachers & supporting staff for their hard work!!"

"We were very impressed with the girls progress.  We're super pleased with Lady Bankes it's been a great start to the year.  Keep up the good work!"

"Lovely, everyone is so friendly and nice."

"Amazing parents evening - such a joy hearing the teachers understand my children.  Such a wonderful school with fantastic teachers."

Parents' Evening February 2023

'I am as pleased as I can be having my son at Lady Bankes. The school have an amazing, friendly atmosphere and support the kid's learning amazingly. ....can't fault anything about the school and wouldn't change any aspect of it.' 

'I am writing this while waiting for my daughter to come back from the athletics competition, one of many she has attended so far. I could not be more grateful or proud for the opportunity she has been given not only to represent the school but also to thrive in her learning and grow into a confident little person. Thank you for nurturing her and for encouraging her to do her best and fulfil her true potential. Keep healthy and happy as a school!' 

'I cannot fault the staff at Lady Bankes. The care, compassion and professionalism shown by all the staff has been exemplary ....'

'My kids are very happy and enjoy in the school and I can see they are growing every day. Thank you for the effort of all teachers here'. 

'What a fantastic school. Staff amazing!' 

'Fantastic school with fantastic staff! Keep up the good work!' 

'A wonderful school with super kind and funny teachers'. 

'Very friendly and progressive meeting with teachers and staff who are doing an amazing job with the children. We appreciate your patience and your continued effort'. 

'Brilliant school, all our kids love being here'. 

'A fantastically organised parents evening with such helpful teachers! Great support and lots of encouraging words'. 

Parents' evening October 2022

'We are so impressed with the start of Year 6...loves the school and his teachers. Thank you for everything.'

'Love the warm welcome we receive here. I feel my son is well looked after and safe. Thank you.' 

'Such a nice welcome and atmosphere. Proud to be sending my boys here.'

'Very well organised and was lovely to see all the children's work around the school. It's a lovely environment for all the children.'

'Thank you for a great start to Year 1. My daughter has settled and developing well. Thank you.'

'Thank you for the amazing headteacher and brilliant teachers. So happy to see my children thriving at Lady Bankes. A very happy parent.' 

'Lovely parents' evening. It was nice to see the classrooms and meet the teachers whom were very complimentary about the children. We are very proud of the achievements our boys have made whilst at Lady Bankes. Thank you.'

'Lovely teachers and working staff. They are so patient and kind and constantly make sure that the kids are fine. As a parent, we feel very safe to let our children learn in such a positive environment. Thanks so much.'

'Lovely teachers. Super friendly and welcoming staff. A lovely positive and family feel.'

Parents Evening February 2022

"I am very happy with the progress my child is making, great displays around the school."

"What a lovely welcome into school today.  All the children were happy, smart and accomodating.  Well done all of you."

" Such a lovely visit to the school, so welcoming and friendly as always.  My daughter loves school and is making great progress." 

"Amazing to hear the fantastic feedback on my children.  I felt the teachers truely understood their needs, thank you."

" We are delighted to see how well both our children are progressing.  The staff are truly wonderful here.  Thank you for all that you do."

"Really good parents evening. Really useful to have the summary report to take away.  Great to see the children's art too! Thank you."

"I am so pleased with how my child is developing. His behaviour has improved and his knowledge in general is very impressive.  The nursery education he is receiving is from what I can see of a high standard.  I think Mrs Cowley and the team are amazing, I am very grateful to Mrs Harris-Powell for the care she shows my child. Thank you. Love, Love, Love Lady Bankes School."

Parents Evening October 2021

"What an amazing school.  My kids are happy and flourishing. The staff are simply brilliant and so helpful. So happy with our decision to have our children at Lady Bankes. Thanks for everything." 

"Lovely warm welcome from the students. Was great to see Millie's work and receive lots of positive feedback. Thank you."

"Lovely, smiling and confident children welcomed me and guided to the classroom.  All my worries are heard and noted by the teacher. I really appreciate that."

"Thank you so much for lovely welcome.  It was amazing to come to new school and see how beautiful it is her now. Well done."

"Very pleased with everything, great service from the helpers. Very polite and pleasant!"

"My child's teacher was excellent in communicating their targets, needs and went above and beyond to make me feel reassured in his learning. Could not be happier."

"Teachers are so brilliant, they are doing an excellent job.  I really like it.  Thank you for your efforts."

Some of the Parents Comments after Parents Evening

"We have been at Lady Bankes for 8 years and I will always say how lovely, amazing and helpful all the staff are. Thank you."

"Great feedback, so happy with the girls progress.  Fantastic School!! Above all they have always loved being at school! Thank you!"

"Wonderful parents evening! Thanks for all your support and dedication to the children's learning!"

"A really good meeting with lots of information.  You can tell the staff really know the children and that there is fabulous and exciting learning going on in all subjects.  Thank you for everything you do."

"Really pleased my daughter has settled in her new class.  She is making very good progress. Thank you."

"Very organised parents evening, lovely teacher and very good work from my daugher. Lovely staff, thank you!"

"Very happy with feedback from teacher, also always find reception staff friendly and helpful."

"Just want to say big thank you to Mrs Needs and her excellent team for great care and support given to my child. She is progressing very well both in studies and also her overall development as a good citizen.  Her medical needs are taken care very well too. Very happy with the school."

"Very happy with the feedback and all the hard work that the teachers do to make it a lovely place to learn."

Comments from families in our Comments Book

"We would like to thank all the teachers, support staff, receptionists and headteacher for the wonderful time my child had here at the school.  She has had both a strong academic support and great fun! She is a happy, confident child and we cannot ask for more.  Kindest Regards".

"I cannot fault this school in anyway at all.  The teachers, support staff, admin/reception team and headteacher are all amazing.  My daughter loves coming to school which is a clear sign the school is doing something right! Great Work."

"Thank you for making ......... what he is today.  He had a really great time at Lady Bankes and I am thankful to all the teachers and staff for making this school a great place to be in."

"Having been a parent at both the infants and juniors schools I want to recognise the years of dedicated teaching, support and care provided by this school.  Well done to all the teaching staff, support staff and leadership teams on making the school a safe and encouraging place for my children.  I wish all the staff and governing body all the very best in the future."

"My son has flourished here.  The quality of the staff is excellent, caring and kind.  I've really enjoyed being a parent here. Thank you."

This email was sent into school after a trip using London Underground:

Hello There,

In these days where people are quick to criticise, I thought I’d write with some praise. 

I shared a tube train with lots of your pupils this afternoon on the Metropolitan line returning to school after visiting the Aeronautical museum. 

They were all beautifully behaved and a credit to their teachers, particularly the young ladies who, quick as a flash, gave up their seats when some older gentlemen boarded the train. 

I think they all deserve a credit or housepoint!

Best Regards,

Simon G.

We are always grateful to receive feedback regarding our school. We have a 'Comments Book' which visitors can add to at any school event. These are a selection of recent additions in the book:

"Wonderful feedback! Amazing school and teachers.....Very proud my son attends such a warm, welcoming, friendly and hardworking school." 

"It was lovely to meet the Year 3 and Year 6 teachers for our children. We were very pleased to hear of their positive progress and how happy they are here both academically and socially. Thank you." 

"It was great to meet my boys' teachers. Such a friendly and welcoming environment. Thank you."

"Brilliant parents' evening. Very informative. Thank you." 

"Helpful, lovely teachers, great school." 

"Lovely parents' evening, fab teachers!" 

Visitor from NFER-

The pupils were exemplary in their good behaviour and worked well throughout each of the three testing sessions.

Please express my sincere thanks to the pupils, a pleasure to have met them. 

A most successful and rewarding engagement. ( An obvious and wonderful atmosphere inside the school ).

Visitor from Life Education - 

"Thank you for making me feel so welcome. When visiting the Life Bus the children were polite, very well-behaved and had great questions and answers. The support from the staff during my visit was fantastic. Thank you for making my visit so pleasurable." 

"Thank you for the show, amazing. Thank you Mrs Needs for the final year and helping ..... and the rest achieve amazing SATs results and setting them on the path for their future."

"What an amazing play. I had a fantastic time. The Year 6 team are outstanding. Thank you to everyone." 

"Thank you for the amazing Year 6 and all the hard work you have ALL put into the school. The Year 6 performance in the show was OUTSTANDING!! We will miss you all and wish you all the best of luck in this OUTSTANDING school."