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English across the curriculum

At Lady Bankes we develop children’s English skills whenever we can. There are opportunities in most curriculum subjects for children to practise their reading and writing. We call this our cross-curricular approach to English.


Below you can see examples of this kind of work.


In Science Year 6 children studied the functions of the blood cells in the body. They acquired the relevant scientific information, and then practised their English skills by drafting an interview with a blood cell.


In History Year 5 children studied the reasons for the Vikings’ invasion of Britain. They considered all the facts, interviewed one another in role, and then wrote the diary of a Viking invader.


Linking with their History work on World War II, Year 6 children investigated wartime recipes in Design and Technology. They then used an appropriate format to write about their experiences.


In Year 3, children used their English skills to write up their design and technology work, and following a school trip linked to their Stone Age topic they wrote detailed recounts of their experiences.


And an awareness of current affairs, alongside the Year 6 geography topic on natural disasters, gave children the opportunity to produce some thoughtful writing about the Australian bushfires.


Inspiring English across the curriculum.