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Religious Education

The aim of Religious Education at Lady Bankes Primary School is to help our children learn about and learn from religious and spiritual insights, beliefs and practices. Children develop knowledge and understanding of Christianity and other major world faiths including Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism as well as the tradition of Humanism. We help children develop a sense of their own identity and foster a respect and sensitivity to those following different faiths. We do this by following the Hillingdon Religious Education syllabus that reflects the main religions represented in our borough and our school.

We take a creative approach to learning RE and it can be taught with strong cross-curricular links to Literacy, Art and Music. Learning is often inspired using major world faith festivals to support our teaching on worship and celebration eg Christmas, Diwali and Eid. We look at all special places of worship through visits and virtual visits such as to: Ruislip Baptist Church, Ruislip Manor Synagogue, Shri Swaminarayan Mandir (Neasden) or Shree Sanatan Hindu Mandir (Alperton).

Children through the school develop a progression of understanding in the key areas of:

  • Ideas of God
  • Teachings
  • Response from a believer
  • Festivals and celebrations
  • Places of worship

As much as possible all units of learning make links to other religions and help the children to understand the community where they belong. We provide opportunities for the children to understand “What makes me Me” and to debate BIG questions.

We follow the Hillingdon Religious Education Agreed Syllabus to plan our learning across the school.