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Music Lessons

Start Learning a Musical Instrument 2024

Does your child want to learn a musical instrument with Hillingdon Music Service, a partner in the new London West Music Hub?

Learning to play an instrument can help concentration, confidence and coordination as well as being great fun! Lessons cost £108.95 per term (equal to £10.89 per lesson over a year), plus £31.00 per term to hire an instrument (hire not available keyboard or percussion).

Pupils who are part of our 'Count Me In' initiative can learn an instrument for a concessionary price of £23.35 a term.

What happens next?

  1. You create an account with the music service and join a waiting list for lessons if a space isn’t available.  
  2. When a space becomes available you will receive an email inviting you to accept lessons. 
  3. You will receive a link to pay for a term of lessons. Requests to pay in instalments can be made  
  4. You will be given details on collecting your child’s hired instrument if applicable.
  5. You will be informed when lessons start by email.

To start your musical journey register your interest for standard tuition at


Keyboard Lessons


Guitar Lessons